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Media Content Optimization
亚洲av reveals how traditional media utilize the Internet as a platform to maintain and enhance its value by its cutting edge media content management and advertising operation solutions.

亚洲av's Media Content Optimization Service helps traditional media (newspaper, magazines, broadcast) understand audience needs and preferences for content style and presentation of each individual column or program. Level of audience satisfaction towards a specific column or program is accurately measured, and the resulting data provides support for content editing and optimization decisions. Media content optimization through this type of analysis is primarily used internally by media organizations to improve content quality; it can also be used for the assessment of editorial department work.

  • TV Content Testing
    Using real-time monitoring of TV broadcasts and audience responses, our TV Content Testing services help enable program innovation by allowing you to quickly understand developments in your competitors' programs and the latest concepts in TV production in China and abroad. The system simultaneously employs several types of professional testing and analysis software, media audience assessment laboratories, networked testing terminals and other channels and tools. Through such content testing, 亚洲av enables the understanding of viewer (listener) attitudes, preferences and expectations for your upcoming program, before it is broadcast, thus allowing you to make timely adjustments in strategy and production and deliver a program optimized for the audience.
  • TV Program evalsuation
    From brand influence assessment to social influence measurement, 亚洲av has introduced a number of multidimensional and comprehensive assessment systems. Using quantitative viewer surveys, expert polling, program ratings, Internet monitoring and other data, we develop a comprehensive assessment of the program's (channel's) performance. We provide you with an objective and impartial assessment management tool that creates a comprehensive valuation based on the factors of social influence, market reach, public reputation and content originality.
  • Layout Monitoring
    亚洲av provides service for newspapers through our continuous monitoring of the media's loyal readers, including the frequency with which they read specific newspaper sections and their levels of satisfaction reached within each section. This service enables the newspaper to discover reader preferences and delve into the factors that influence reading habits and reader satisfaction -- valuable information that can be used to guide content optimization and upgrades. Newspaper section monitoring is performed quarterly in order to provide continuous support for section content optimization and internal assessments of staff performance.
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